Alison Vincent

Inspirations from Nature

Alison Vincent’s artistry in glassblowing is deeply rooted in her love for the untamed wilderness. From the vast oceans to polar expanses, her work is a homage to the raw beauty of nature. Alison’s encounters with these remote, natural wonders fuel her creativity, leading to pieces that capture the essence of the wild – the tranquillity of oceans, the majesty of mountains, and the ethereal beauty of ice. Her work aims to depict nature’s beauty and echo her concerns for its fragile future.


The Art of Glassblowing

Alison describes glassblowing as a challenging yet profoundly satisfying journey. Self-taught and continuously learning, she first experienced the allure of molten glass in 2012 and has been captivated ever since. Her process involves manipulating glass at 1100ºC, transforming it into weighty, vivid pieces that magnify and refract light, mirroring the hues and textures of the natural world. Her journey in glassblowing is a testament to her dedication, culminating in opening her own studio in South Buckinghamshire in 2023.


A Career of Creativity & Recognition

Alison’s artistic path follows a 30-year career in packaging consultancy, where she honed her design and project management skills. This background and her passion for glass have influenced her unique approach to glass art. Her work, inspired by the elements of nature, has garnered attention, including an appearance on the BBC TV series ‘Make It At Market’ in 2023. Alison’s art is more than just aesthetic; it’s a blend of her experiences, her respect for nature, and her mastery of glassblowing.


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Phone: 07958 423 081


Instagram: @alisonvincentglass

Facebook: AlisonVincentGlass


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