Donna Richardson

Artistic Evolution

Donna Richardson’s journey as a mixed media artist led her from exploring acrylics, fine silver, resin, and clay to her passion for fused glass. Her art celebrates the universe’s colours, showcasing her skilful blend of diverse mediums and her love for the unique interplay of light and glass. She views each piece of glass as a vibrant canvas with endless hues and possibilities.


Art as a Multifaceted Expression

For Donna, art transcends mere visual aesthetics; it is a powerful medium for communication, emotional expression, and healing. Her workshops in resin and silver jewellery making are more than skill-building sessions; they are therapeutic journeys into creativity. Her creations, whether intricate jewellery or captivating sculptures, are a dialogue in colour, texture, and form, reflecting her artistic ethos.


Community Engagement & Recognition

Donna’s dedication to her craft led to ‘The Glass Quilt,’ a significant community-driven outdoor sculpture project showcasing her ability to blend artistic vision with communal narratives. Her works, displayed in various galleries across Teignmouth, Bovey Tracey, Torquay, and Exeter, embody her creative journey. They capture the essence of her surroundings, her connection with nature and society, and her exploration of glass as a storytelling medium.

For further information about Donna, please visit the links below:

Phone: 07863 399 980


Instagram: @deepgreensea_fusedglass

Facebook: donnarichardsondeepgreensea


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