Emmy Palmer

Artistic Beginnings & Education

Emmy Palmer’s artistic journey intertwines her love for glass and knitting, a unique blend of mediums. Her adventure began at Plymouth College of Art, where the city’s sea and moors inspired her. 2007, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Applied Arts, specialising in glass. It was here that Emmy first merged knitting with glass. This technique led to her distinct style, exemplified in her elegant ‘Del Mar’ series, which evolved from simple beginnings to sophisticated creations.


The Fusion of Knitting & Glass

For Emmy, combining knitting with glass is an artistic choice and a natural form of self-expression. Knitting, a skill passed down through generations in her family, is a therapeutic activity that offers comfort and focus for her. The intricate process of blending knitted metals with blown glass, which she has been refining since college, reflects her dedication to exploring and expanding the boundaries of glass art.


Personal Journey & Renewed Passion

After nearly a decade away from glass art, Emmy’s return to the medium was a rediscovery of her passion. This period saw her knitting skills flourish, bringing new ideas and inspirations to her glasswork. Emmy’s journey through difficult times, aided by the therapeutic nature of knitting, has infused her glass creations with deeper meaning, making them artistic expressions and emblems of personal resilience and joy.

For further information about Emmy, please visit the links below:

Website: www.emmypalmerglass.com

Email: emmypalmerglass@gmail.com

Instagram: @emmypalmerglass

Facebook: emmypalmerglass


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