Georgina White

Academic Foundations & Inspirations

Georgina White, a 2019 Design Crafts graduate from DeMontfort University, specialises in Glass Blowing. Her academic journey was marked by a deep exploration into the aesthetics of light, with car lights as a significant inspiration for her work. This influence is evident in the shapes and textures she creates, showcasing a blend of contemporary design and traditional glassblowing techniques. Georgina’s work is a testament to her ability to draw inspiration from everyday objects and transform them into art.


Artistic Development & Residency

Post-graduation, Georgina honed her skills at Station Glass and Bristol Blue Glass, continuously evolving her artistic style. Her current focus lies in experimenting with colour reactions in glass, delving into the intricacies of viscosity and the interplay between metals within her chosen material. During her Artist Residency at De Montfort University, she further developed her collection, focusing on colour applications and their reactions. This pursuit adds depth and dynamism to her creations.


Current Work & Technique

Georgina’s work is characterised by its exploration of colour within glass, examining various application processes and chemical reactions. Her forms, often inspired by car lights’ modern, sleek design, combine elegance with a sense of contemporary flair. In her recent pieces, Georgina skillfully incorporates metal inclusions within glass, creating vessels with thick walls that magnify the beauty of melted aluminium encased in golden bubbles against a dark backdrop.

For further information about Georgina, please see the links below:


Instagram: @georginawhite.glassworks

Facebook: georginawhite.glassworks


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