Jan O’Highway

Artistic Evolution & Techniques

Jan O’Highway, a multifaceted sculptor, has journeyed from ceramics, steel, and recycled materials to the luminescent world of fused glass. Trained in painting at Guildford School of Art in the 1950s, her art has continuously evolved, embracing ceramics, mosaics, and digital photography. Working from her studio near Totnes, Jan creates vibrant glass pieces, layering sheets of glass, including dichroic glass, to achieve depth and sparkle. Her technique involves firing these layers to create fluid, colourful designs.


Commissions & Love for Glass

Jan has received numerous commissions for public and private spaces throughout her career, often focusing on environmental and social themes. Her work in glass, which she describes as magical for its fluid yet solid nature, demonstrates her fascination with the interplay of light and colour. Jan’s glass pieces, rare and translucent, capture the essence of her artistic inquiry, reflecting her deep appreciation for this versatile medium.


Inspirations & Personal Exploration

Jan’s artistic practice, while broad in scope, is deeply rooted in her love for colour and the vibrancy of light. Her work often combines glass with reclaimed materials, highlighting concerns about environmental impact. She finds inspiration in the richness of everyday objects, from fallen flowers to discarded toys, seeing beauty in the overlooked. Her approach to art is a blend of figurative commissions and abstract personal explorations, reflecting a lifetime of artistic inquiry and environmental consciousness.

For further information about Jan, please visit the links below:

Website: janohighway.com

Phone: 01803 863 223

Email: joh@janohighway.com

Instagram: @janohighway

Facebook: JanOHighwayArts


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