Madeline Bunyan

Lampworking & Glass Magic

Madeline Bunyan, a lampworker based in South Devon, finds magic in glass, especially in its transformation through flame. She specialises in lampworking and manipulates glass from a cold, rigid state to a molten, glowing form, creating pieces with stunning effects. Her work often features speciality silver-rich glass, which yields shimmering colours and mother-of-pearl effects. Madeline enjoys sculpting and layering colours, exploring the unique characteristics of flameworked glass to craft her distinctive designs.


Artistic Approach & Technique

Madeline’s approach to glass is both an art and a science, balancing skill with the unpredictability of flame chemistry. Her creations, primarily large, sculptural beads, defy conventional expectations. The process involves manipulating colours and effects from the metals within the glass, a delicate dance of temperature and chemistry. Each bead, though small, is a canvas of immense variety, capturing subtle fluctuations in colour and detail, reflecting Madeline’s mastery over her medium.


Creative Diversity & Studio Practice

In her sunny South Devon studio, Madeline’s creativity extends beyond glass. She crafts marbles, mini sculptures, and silver jewellery, utilising traditional techniques and precious metal clay. Her artistic repertoire includes laser-engraved wooden gifts and occasional 2D artwork, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Her work, whether in glass, metal, or wood, is a testament to her wide-ranging skills and ability to bring beauty and intricacy to various materials.

For further information about Madeline, please visit the links below:


Instagram: @madelinebunyan

Facebook: UniqueLampworkandJewellerybyMadelineBunyan


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