Neil Edwards

Professional Journey & Technique

Neil Edwards, a glass artist based in Bath, has honed his craft over 15 years, working with hot glass, engraving, and coloured glass cane to create intricate works. Neil’s artistic journey, seamlessly blending functionality with art, started at Bristol Blue Glass and has since spanned international borders, taking him to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Maldives. His experience as a Senior Glass Technician at the University of Sunderland and his current work at Bristol Blue Glass reflect his deep engagement with the glass industry.


Academic Background & Artistic Focus

After graduating in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire, Neil’s career led him to extensive teaching and exhibiting in Taiwan. His MA in Glass from the University of Sunderland further refined his approach, integrating Western and Eastern design concepts. Neil’s recent work explores the fusion of different cultural elements in blown glass forms, reflecting his interest in the interplay between colour, form, and internal depth using a transparent medium.


Inspirations & Artistic Expression

Neil’s artistic inspiration comes from the historical relationship between crafts and civilization. He combines traditional European glassmaking techniques with diverse patterns, forms, and colours, celebrating the interconnected traditions of glassmaking. His work, from vessels to forms, encapsulates minute details and bold gestures, freezing the movements and emotions of the making process. Neil’s creations are a testament to the global nature of glass art and its ability to connect different cultures.

For further information about Neil, please visit the links below:


Instagram: @eduardos202

Facebook: neiledwardsglass


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