Roberta Ayles

Evolving Glass Art Journey

Roberta Ayles’ lifelong work with glass has evolved from copper foil and stained glass to fusing. Based in Totnes, her home studio is a hub of creativity where she primarily undertakes commissioned work, crafting windows and lamps. Drawing inspiration from nature, Roberta delights in stepping outside her comfort zone. Her journey in glass art began at Aberystwyth, where she studied art, and it has since led to an array of creations, from window hangings to intricate glass pieces.


Artistic Techniques & Commissions

Roberta’s exploration of glass fusing has led her to create smaller panels, bowls, candleholders, and more significant commissioned works. She embraces the unpredictability of kiln work, finding joy in the element of chance it brings. Her venture into waterjet cutting allows her to craft pieces larger than her kiln, creating intricate windows like ‘Memories’ and ‘Spring in the South Hams’. Roberta’s public works, including those for the Saltram and Plym Valley Heritage Trail, showcase her versatility and skill.


Teaching & Continuous Learning

In her Devon studio, Roberta creates and teaches running classes exploring various fused glass aspects. One of her favourite techniques is kiln-carving, where she manipulates glass to capture texture and colour, creating unique sheets ideal for windows and screens. Her classes reflect her love for the medium and her commitment to sharing knowledge. As an artist, she continues to explore new avenues in fused glass, driven by a vibrant community of fellow glass artists.

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Phone: 07421 117 987


Instagram: @robertaayles


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