Shirley Whitby

Transition from Medicine to Glass Artistry

Shirley Whitby, a former doctor, discovered her love for glass in childhood, captivated by its colours and luminance. Despite her proficiency in science, a break from medicine in 1991 led her to explore stained glass making. This interest blossomed into a passion, and Shirley dedicated herself to mastering various glass techniques. Achieving a City & Guild and then a Diploma in Glass and Design from the City of Bath College, Shirley found inspiration and guidance from her tutors, who helped shape her artistic journey.


Artistic Techniques & Environmental Consciousness

Shirley’s approach to glass art involves pushing the medium to its extremes. She experiments with firing glass under pressure and utilising gravity to manipulate its form. Her exploration includes pâte de verre and the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi applied to glass. Committed to environmental conservation, Shirley sees glass as a precious resource. She conscientiously integrates remnants from one project into another, showcasing her belief in sustainability and creative reuse.


Studio Life & Creative Endeavours

Despite its small size, Shirley’s studio, nestled at the end of her garden, is a haven of creativity. Equipped with kilns, a sandblaster, workbenches, and her glass stock, she maintains an orderly space. Working predominantly in kiln-formed glass, Shirley creates vessels, decorative objects, jewellery and experiments with glass casting. Her studio, surrounded by the tranquillity of her garden and woodland, offers her a serene environment, echoing with birdsong, perfect for her artistic explorations.

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