Steve Robinson

A Journey in Glass Artistry

Steve Robinson, a glass artist with over 20 years of experience, specialises in kiln-forming with enamel powders. His journey in glass began with an accidental discovery. It led to formal training in glass at the University of Wolverhampton. Steve’s passion lies in the interplay of colour, transparency, and texture, and he brings this to life in his works, which range from sculptures and bowls to wall art and architectural installations like windows and splashbacks.


Technique & Inspirational Sources

Steve’s work is known for its vibrant shades and textures, drawing inspiration from coastal themes and oceanic elements. He applies fine enamel powders to glass, creating unique textures and blends. This method allows him to craft distinctive pieces focusing on colour and form. His signature sculptural bowls, each individual in shape, exemplify his skill in manipulating glass to embody the fluidity and colours of marine life.


Workshops & Professional Growth

Founder of Vivid Glass Art, Steve’s studio in Totnes is a centre for creativity and learning. Alongside producing artwork and fulfilling commissions, Steve runs workshops in glass fusing with enamels, sharing his expertise and passion for glass art. His work, a fusion of art and functionality, has gained recognition and is featured in collections and commercial spaces worldwide, including Hilton Hotels and John Lewis stores.

For further information about Steve, please visit the links below:


Phone: 01803 865 631


Instagram: @vividglassart

Facebook: vividglassart


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