Sue Burne

Artistic Beginnings & Inspirations

Sue Burne’s journey in glass engraving started over 20 years ago, blossoming from a simple birthday gift into a lifelong passion. As an Associate Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers, Sue’s work ranges from intimate commissions to grand church installations. She finds inspiration in the countryside and mythological themes, incorporating these into her intricate engravings. Her work, featured in various galleries and collections, showcases her fascination with nature and fantasy.


Technique & Creative Process

Sue’s artistry involves micro-drill engraving with diamond or stone burrs on clear or coloured layered glass. She enjoys creating detailed geometrical designs on optical crystals, relishing the reflections they produce. Her engravings, from small intricate pieces to large-scale windows and panels, exhibit her skill in intaglio engraving, a technique she honed with the Guild of Glass Engravers. Her work often features complex patterns and imagery from stories, mandalas, and nature.


Personal Connection & Artistic Expression

Living in Somerset, Sue draws creative energy from her surroundings – the Somerset Levels’ wetlands and the West Somerset coast. Her studio work reflects the natural world, with accurate and imagined flora and fauna prominently featured in her designs. Sue’s approach to glass engraving is a blend of meticulous planning and artistic intuition, resulting in visually stunning and deeply personal pieces. Her work in churches and public spaces is a testament to her ability to translate her love for glass into meaningful art.

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Phone: 01278 722 706


Instagram: @sueburne_glassengraver

Facebook: sueglassengraving


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