Susan Purser Hope

Artistic Evolution & Inspirations

Susan Purser Hope, a Brixham-based glass artist, is captivated by the expressive power of colour. Her journey in glass began in 2009, driven by a desire to connect with history and the natural world. Her works, ranging from gravity vessels to pâte de verre and sintered glass powder vessels, reveal her archaeological background and passion for the natural world. Susan’s artistry transforms glass into vibrant, multi-dimensional creations, each reflecting a unique fusion of colour and form.


Creative Process & Shift in Focus

Susan’s artistic approach involves fusing various glass elements to form intricate patterns and then reshaping these into complex designs. When the pandemic hit, she reassessed her work, shifting from large architectural projects to more miniature, joy-inducing artworks. She draws inspiration from simple pastimes and nature, rationalising transient beach patterns into structured panels. Susan aims to introduce glass art into mainstream consciousness, creating wall-hung pieces that challenge traditional perceptions of glasswork.


Personal Journey & Artistic Aspirations

Susan’s transition from a successful interior design career to glass art has significantly influenced her work, drawing inspiration from her coastal surroundings in Devon. The pandemic offered her a chance to explore and challenge her creativity, leading to the creation of thoughtful and beautiful glass pieces. Through her art, Susan aims to share the joy and wonder of glass, a medium she describes as magical and full of contradictions. Her work, deeply personal and reflective of her life’s journey, continues to evolve, embracing the challenges and opportunities of working with glass.

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Phone: 07970 419 125


Instagram: @purserhope

Facebook: purserhope


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