Susan Sinclair

Fascination with Colour & Historical Connection

Susan Sinclair, a Somerset-based glass artist, has a deep-seated fascination with colour and its ability to evoke and influence mood. Beginning her glasswork journey in 2009, Susan was drawn to the medium for its rich history in personal and architectural adornment. Her background in archaeology and love for the natural world significantly inform her art. Susan’s work, often functional objects like vessels and bowls, showcases her ability to blend historical context with modern artistic expression.


Artistic Techniques & Inspirations

Susan’s creative process involves working with predominantly opaque glass to achieve rich colour saturation. She employs various techniques, including gravity vessels from sheet glass, pâte de verre vessels, and sintered glass powder vessels. Her archaeological insights and the visual splendour of nature actively shape her approach. Susan enjoys the challenge of bending glass in unique ways, using heat and gravity to craft the final shape of her pieces, each a unique exploration of form and hue.


Commitment to Glass Art & Community Involvement

Susan actively engages with the glass art community, participating as a member of the Contemporary Glass Society, Somerset Art Works, and the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen. Her creations are not just aesthetically pleasing but also a connection to her personal feelings and experiences. Susan’s work is a testament to her commitment to exploring the myriad possibilities of kiln-formed glass, constantly pushing the boundaries of her craft to create pieces that resonate with viewers on a personal level.

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