Tyron Sheppard

Journey in Glassblowing

Tyron Sheppard has honed his skills in glassblowing over eight years, carving a niche in free-blown production glass techniques and tableware. His journey in glass art has taken him to various studios both in the UK and internationally, where he has developed a deep understanding of his craft. Tyron’s unique approach to glassblowing and his specialisation in Venetian techniques have created distinctive, dynamic pieces that showcase his mastery of manipulating glass.


Artistic Inspiration & Collection Theme

Tyron draws inspiration from celestial themes in his current collection, exploring bold colours and cosmic motifs. He uses Venetian glassblowing techniques to craft pieces that are visually striking and rich in symbolism. The rings of colour in his works are designed to represent the orbital lines of stellar bodies around the sun. At the same time, the forms of the pieces symbolise the warping of spacetime. This interplay of colour and form brings a unique narrative to his tableware and decorative pieces.


Creative Expression & Symbolism

Tyron’s work vividly represents his passion for glassblowing and his fascination with the universe. Each piece is a testament to his skill in blending artistic vision with technical expertise. The way he captures the essence of celestial phenomena in glass showcases his ability to translate abstract concepts into tangible art. His exploration of cosmic themes in glassblowing is a fresh and innovative approach, adding depth and meaning to the traditional craft.

For further information about Tyron, please visit the links below:

Phone: 07966 192 330

Email: tyronsheps@hotmail.com

Instagram: @littlelampworksglass


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