For a restaurant situated at the gateway to Dartmoor in Bovey Tracey, The Old Pottery Restaurant at House of Marbles has an extraordinarily high number of dishes to suit any diet.

Within our carefully crafted daytime menu, we take great pride in offering an extensive selection of tasty meals that satisfy any palate. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity shines through in the variety we provide, usually no fewer than six main meals, five sandwiches/ciabattas, four side dishes and two vegetarian children’s meals, suitable for those following a vegetarian diet.

Several of our main dishes can be easily adapted upon request to be purely vegan, with minor modifications as indicated on our menu. This ensures that individuals following a vegan lifestyle can indulge in our offerings without compromise, truly embracing the spirit of inclusivity. Specials, in particular, will always echo the sentiments of the main menu, so further dishes can almost always be found as a special extra tasty meal on top.

Our talented chefs go beyond mere dietary considerations, infusing every dish with a balanced blend of flavours and impeccable taste. Our menu is committed to culinary excellence and undergoes regular rotations, especially in the evenings when our restaurant transforms into The Pottery By Night. You’ll discover beloved classics that have stood the test of time among the ever-evolving selection.

Prepare your taste buds for some regular favourites such as the indulgent delights of Mushroom Stroganoff, the fragrant and satisfying Cauliflower & Leek Kedgeree, the enticingly fresh Chickpea Cobb and the mouthwatering Veggie Burger. A vegan Coronation Sandwich filling also stands out among other choices to whet the appetite.

While discussing children’s vegan or vegetarian menus could be considered slightly contentious, it does allow for families where an allergy often limits choices. For example, a dairy allergy will be easier to cater to with vegan options available. In addition, those with a gluten-free diet can enjoy one of the five delicious options on the menu – arguably one of the widest varieties coeliacs might expect to find in the area.

Of course, a pescatarian can expect to see an incredible array of dishes throughout the menu and specials board with minimal effort (with at least nine mains and a further eight sandwiches and ciabattas with fillings to suit).

As proud members of Taste of the West, we prioritise regional sourcing, obtaining ingredients from nearby suppliers. For instance, our eggs come from a farm in Chagford, just down the road, and our coffee is locally sourced from Buckfastleigh. We embrace the beauty of seasonal produce, ensuring that our specials board always showcases the freshest flavours.

Arancini Starter at The Pottery By Night

Eco-warriors can dine with peace of mind at The Old Pottery Restaurant, knowing that their food choices contribute to a sustainable future. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint includes sourcing produce that has travelled fewer miles.

At The Old Pottery Restaurant, we take pride in meeting diverse customer needs, from catering to vegans, coeliacs, and individuals with specific allergens, to embracing eco-warriors and more. What else could we do? We also recognise the importance of reducing food waste, which you can read more about within our Environmental Policy; let’s not forget we warmly welcome your furry friends as our restaurant is dog-friendly.

Please note: The items specified above may vary due to our rotating menu. Click on the links below for our current offering, with marked vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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