Local students recently undertook a marble-ous challenge to learn about science using Marble Runs.

Woodbury Primary School recently had a novel idea to entertain and engage their classes with a fun approach to Science Week: Asking each child to build their own Marble Run.

With a 2024 brief of ‘time’, adopted to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the British celebration, the topic met the requirements for the STEM competition. Various mediums seen in differing ages and stages made for interesting judging, with Key Stage 1 groups sent outside to work in the Forest School setting, while KS2 students were asked to use recycled materials.

Our very own Luke Barnes-Jones visited the school to talk more about marbles, a way to teach the children further about the subject and foster a love of science in the next generation. Marbles games and sets were also given out to winners in each category as prizes. Winners were said to have shown “great resilience, reciprocity, resourcefulness or reflectiveness” during the challenge.

The school added, “It was a very successful day, and it was wonderful to see every class take on our whole school challenge so enthusiastically. We hope that these skills will inspire the children to think about future careers involving STEM skills and look forward to our next British Science Week.”

Read more about the challenge at on the Exmouth Journal website HERE.

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