We’re excited to announce a new addition to our community – a public access defibrillator, now installed and available 24/7 on Pottery Road in Bovey Tracey.
This community-driven initiative was made possible with the support of Pottery Road Garage, Kenmart Ltd, Cannon Autobodies and Electrical Solutions Southwest Ltd, under the leadership of Ann Williams, our very own HR Manager.
Local businesses collaborated for the installation of the Defibrillator at House of Marbles in Bovey Tracey.
The news has been featured in The Cottage Magazine, part of Cllr Tony Allen’s column, showcasing the installation while splendidly highlighting this collaborative effort in Bovey Tracey, illustrating the power of local businesses uniting for a vital cause. Read the Press Release below for the full story. 




“I’m delighted to say that one of our biggest businesses for bringing visitors into Bovey (the House of Marbles) has now installed a 24/7 public access defibrillator in Pottery Road, positioned on the first pillar outside the House of Marbles next to Pottery Road Garage. This means it is available in an emergency situation at all hours.

The House of Marbles’ HR Manager, Ann Williams, led this community driven lifesaving initiative and quite rightly is very proud of what has been achieved through a funding collaboration with four other businesses: Pottery Road Garage, KenMart, Cannon Autobodies, and Electrical Solutions (who completed the installation).  The device was sourced by the well-known Exeter-based charity Jay’s Aim, which strives to reduce the occurrence of sudden cardiac death among young people through the provision of defibrillators across the South-West.

I remember House of Marbles staff attended a CPR course given by Bovey’s own Ian and Sue Hutchings on the back of an awareness activity in which I was involved in late 2022 with a number of Bovey businesses while seeking donations for the Town Council’s defibrillator now installed outside the Riverside Community Centre (thanks to being donated by Devon Air Ambulance). So, I am particularly pleased to see the House of Marbles take the plunge and install one in Pottery Road. This should not only reassure  the large amount of people that pass through its doors each and every day but provide  protection and wellbeing to Bovey residents through its support of our wider community. Incidentally, Jay’s Aim also sourced the public access device recently installed outside Spar at Battle Road in Heathfield.”