Christmas at Teign Valley Glass

Bauble Making

Join our expert Glassmakers in the Teign Valley Glass studios at House of Marbles for our MAKE YOUR OWN GLASS BAUBLE workshop. During the session, you will learn all about the techniques and processes and watch a demonstration by our team of how we make baubles in the studio. Next, you will receive one to one support in making your very own, completely unique festive glass bauble, including heating glass in the furnace, colouring the glass and blowing the glass into the bauble shape.

Once you have finished making your Bauble, you will leave it with us to cool down slowly in the kiln. Baubles will be ready for collection three days after the workshop.

Each one to one workshop takes 15 minutes. You must be 16 years or over to take part in this workshop.

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Hand Casting

Capture a special moment in time by having a unique glass casting made by our expert Glassmakers at Teign Valley Glass.

Why not have your baby’s hand or foot cast, or select our add-on option to have a double cast made of both. If your child is reaching a special milestone, a glass cast makes a wonderful keep sake or special gift for a parent or grandparent to treasure.

However, glass casting is not just limited to babies and young children. Big kids and adults can have their hands or feet cast in glass too. Or, if your doggie is extra special to you, we offer to cast the paws of well behaved dogs as well.

During the session, a mould will be taken in sand of the hand, foot or paw you would like to cast. Our expert Glassmakers will then pour molten glass into the mould to capture the impression left in the sand. Your cast will then be placed into the kilns to cool gradually and be ready for collection three days later.

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