The Emporium

Welcome to The Emporium at House of Marbles – a great place to find gifts for every occasion and a unique shopping destination that stands apart from the ordinary. Here, every visit promises a journey of exploration and discovery, where you’ll uncover intriguing treasures around every corner.

Our thoughtfully selected range covers a variety of categories, from stylish clothing and authentic beauty products to captivating marbles, games, and trendy bags and accessories.

Enter our space designed for those who appreciate the exceptional, the fascinating and the well-crafted.

Unique Gifts

Your quest for the ideal gift concludes here. Discover singular treasures perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and all of life’s memorable moments.

Uncover the tale each item has to share within our vast repository of premium gifts. And with our complimentary gift-wrapping service, bestowing these presents becomes an effortless and pure joy.

Fashion Finds

Navigate the corridors of timeless fashion elegance. Every garment is handpicked, ensuring a flawless fit and ageless appeal. Revel in the sophistication of Tara Vao, Foil’s memorable dresses, and the comforting allure of Fransa. For the eco-conscious, brands like Nomads await.

Assemble the quintessential look by pairing these with our other offerings. Here, fashion isn’t just about garments; it’s about crafting an ensemble that embodies feminine grace.

Elegant Jewellery

Explore a realm of meticulous craftsmanship in our artisan jewellery space. Traditional techniques meet modern aesthetics, forming a captivating array that beckons every jewellery lover.

Whether subtly refined or audaciously expressive, each piece offers more than mere adornment; it reflects your personal elegance.

Radiant Beauty

Transition to a haven of selected beauty products. Celebrate the amalgamation of nature and innovative formulations, each crafted to pamper your skin. Every product resonates with the balance of nature and nurture, from everyday essentials to sumptuous indulgences.

Discover products that not only enhance but also narrate your unique beauty chronicle.


Stylish Add-ons

Unfold an array aimed at accentuating your personal flair. From pragmatic bags for everyday use to standout pieces for special occasions, the perfect accessory awaits.

Complete your look by pairing these with our clothing selections, apt footwear, or even a dash of sparkle from our bespoke jewellery collection.

Dapper Essentials

Discover a collection that encapsulates a seamless blend of utility and refined aesthetics for the discerning gentlemen. Navigate through daily essentials and upscale accessories, ensuring you’re always at your best.

Our range isn’t just about looking the part; it’s about feeling confident with quality companions by your side.

Gourmet Indulgences

Venture into a sensory spectacle with our gourmet offerings. Every selection teases the taste buds, from delectable chocolate creations to ambrosial jams, offering unparalleled flavour experiences.

Our gourmet section isn’t just about indulgence; it’s a journey of taste and aroma that promises memorable moments with every bite.

Mesmerising Marbles

Discover the allure of marbles, a hallmark of the House of Marbles legacy. From budget-friendly options to coveted collectables, we cater to every enthusiast’s desire.

Our Teign Valley Glass Studio further enriches the collection, making each visit a new exploration, where one can also see our flagship product – the Luxury Solitaire Board Set.

Playful Discoveries

Navigate a universe brimming with playful wonders. There’s a world to uncover, from our signature House of Marbles toys to age-old favourites and pocket-sized joys.

Relive the charm of yesteryears with our 50th Anniversary range. Featuring cherished classics that span generations, our collection includes Marble Solitaire, Wooden Dominoes, Chess Sets, and more.

Mindful Moments

Engage with puzzles that promise cognitive delight. Whether you’re piecing together fantastical worlds from pop culture or exploring the nuances of vintage aviation, we cater to every puzzle fan.

Family time or solitary reflection, there’s a narrative waiting to be pieced together, one jigsaw at a time.

Home Décor

Enrich your living spaces with our diverse home décor offerings. Beyond aesthetics, our range melds function with design. Every item promises to elevate your abode from exquisite LSA glassware to ever-blooming, lifelike flowers and Swedish-style decorations.

Our assortment extends to furniture and thoughtfully curated items for our four-legged friends, ensuring every corner of your home resonates with your signature style.

Culinary Corner

Revitalise your kitchen with our pragmatic yet stylish kitchenware. We’ve got everything from durable chopping boards to diverse tableware and a blend of modern and traditional crockery. Delve into our expansive collection and spot gems, including the sought-after Dreamfarm utensils.

Whether you’re orchestrating a grand feast or savouring a solitary moment, our offerings ensure every meal is an occasion in its own right.


At The Emporium, every item displayed on our shelves tells a story of craftsmanship, passion, and elegance. Each visit grants you a new chance to unearth fresh inspirations and rediscover timeless treasures within our ever-evolving selection.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, treating yourself to a stylish indulgence, or simply savoring the pleasures of exceptional shopping, our diverse collection is sure to captivate and bring joy.

Come and be a part of our ever-evolving world, where the exceptional isn’t just a promise – it’s an assurance.

Recognised Venue

We have been recognised by a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Awards in consecutive years from 2014 - 2019, and the new Traveller’s Choice Award in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023!