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Glass Workshops

Welcome to the exciting range of glass courses, where creativity meets craftsmanship. From the intricate art of glassmaking to the comprehensive experience offered in our bespoke sessions, we cater to enthusiasts of all levels.

Each workshop is designed to provide a hands-on learning experience under the guidance of expert artisans. Our workshops are perfect for individuals, duos, and groups looking for a meaningful engagement with glass art, with options suitable for beginners and returning participants alike. Join us to unlock your creative potential and craft your own beautiful glass creations.

Glass Wave

Discover the art of glassmaking at the Glass Wave Workshop, where for £180, you can attend a one-hour session designed for up to two participants, suitable for individuals or duos including children over 12. Participants will each create their own medium-sized glass wave, focusing on form, composition, and colour under the guidance of expert artisans. This hands-on workshop is an ideal chance for people of all skill levels, including beginners, to delve into glass art and undertake a substantial project.

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Glass Bird

Join the celebrated Glass Bird workshop, an expanded one-hour session building on last year’s success, where either individuals or duos, including children aged 12+ if accompanied by an adult, can dive deep into the art of glassmaking. For £100, participants get to create their own glass bird, with choices including a classic robin, a charming wren, or a colourful blue tit.

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2-Hour Tailored Session

This is an introductory session aimed at beginners or returning visitors, priced at £250 for up to two participants. You will engage in hands-on activities with both solid and blown glass, experimenting with pattern, colour manipulation, as well as mastering essential glassmaking tools and temperature control. This workshop acts as an entry point into the world of glass art, designed for repeat bookings to foster ongoing learning and mastery.

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4-Hour Tailored Session

Dive into the intricacies of glassmaking with a 4-hour workshop at House of Marbles, ideal for groups and individuals, where participants can delve deeper into glassmaking techniques and create their first blown glass vessels. The session covers hot glass handling, pattern and colour manipulation in a group setting, promoting creativity and collaboration. This workshop, aimed at beginners, provides a comprehensive introduction to glass art, encouraging continuous learning and exploration for returning participants.

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Glass Vase for Two

This one-hour session, priced at £110, is our new duo offer for 2024, inviting you and a friend – or if you prefer, just yourself – to the artful experience of glass vase crafting. You and a partner or friend will share the delight of shaping a striking glass vase, with the option to style the lip in an open wave design or to modify it to your taste. The colours and patterns are up to you, making each creation genuinely one-of-a-kind. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to bond over the art of glass crafting.

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Glass Trio

This combo offer, priced at £120, was created based on your feedback. During the workshop, you’ll have the chance to make three distinct glass items – a Glass Bird, a Paperweight and a Bauble – each customisable with colours and designs of your choosing. Not only will you leave with three unique and beautiful pieces, but you’ll also have had the opportunity to learn a variety of glass crafting techniques in one exciting session.

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Halloween Glass Pumpkin

Ready to trade in your predictable pumpkin carving kit for something a tad more, let’s say, elegant this Halloween? Oh yes, we’re talking about making your very own glass pumpkin for a half-hour session, priced at £60. It’s not every day you get to play with fire and come out with a pumpkin.

Don’t wait until the last bat hangs – spaces fill faster than a vampire’s diary on a blood moon. Book your spot now and prepare for an experience filled with fun, molten glass and a touch of Halloween magic.

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Glass Bauble

This half-hour session, priced at £55, is more than just creating a beautiful bauble; it’s a voyage into the age-old tradition of glass blowing. You’ll discover the artistry and skill required to create such breathtaking works of art. The bauble-making course also offers the opportunity to craft a unique present, made with love and sure to be treasured for years to come. This is also a time-honoured tradition for families to make their bauble at Christmas when visiting House of Marbles over the festive season.

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